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The classic conservatory has evolved from a simple glass room through to a spectacular glazed extension. Now, with new and exciting options to choose from, a modern conservatory can give you the extra space you've always dreamed of, no matter what your design requirements might be. Your conservatory is the perfect way to bring the outdoors in, providing an elegant focal point for get-togethers or a warm and welcoming place in which to unwind. We choose the market leader Ultraframe as our preferred conservatory roof, and our full planning and design service means you can sit back, relax, and let us get on with creating your beautiful new space.

Lean-to conservatories:

The simplest and most versatile style of conservatory, with clean lines that give it a contemporary look and make this a popular choice for modern homes. Combining sleek dark aluminium profiles with matching bifold or sliding doors creates a striking contemporary look. For a more classic look choose white, with French doors and dwarf walls. The roof pitch can be varied depending on your property type so it's an ideal style for properties with restricted space under the eaves, or for awkward spaces.

Edwardian style:

This classic style translates very well into contemporary modern designs. Perfect for stand-alone conservatories, or often integrated into a kitchen-diner extension or remodel, the rectangular shaped Edwardian style with a hipped or gabled roof is a particularly popular choice. Combine full height piers and walls for a more homely feel, with integrated lighting both inside and out. Add bifold doors for that final "wow" factor!

Victorian style:

Based upon the original conservatories from the Victorian era, the Victorian design is distinguished by its ornate pitched roof and rounded faceted appearance, usually built upon dwarf walls and featuring French doors. A very popular but more traditional style - using contemporary colours and less ornate decoration can provide a welcome update to this timeless classic.

Go all out and create your very own bespoke design! Improvements in the development of conservatory roofing systems, along with cutting edge technology and performance smart glass now means there has never been a better time to experience the benefits of a spectacular new conservatory.


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An older conservatory can suffer considerable heat loss through the roof. Advances in roofing technology mean it's now easier than ever to upgrade your existing roof for a more thermally efficient option. Replace a polycarbonate roof with self-cleaning smart glass or a tiled effect or part-tiled effect solid "warm" roof option. 


A lantern or skylight can be the perfect enhancement to maximise natural light on a flat roof extention or orangery. Very popular on kitchen diner extentions or remodels, roof lanterns create an impressive finishing touch. Flatter, less visible and simpler in style than a lantern, a skylight will provide an uninterrupted source of light without the bars or upper perspective of a roof lantern. 

Talk to Bobby to see which option would work best for you.

Ultrasky® Roof Lanterns
Ultrasky® Roof Lanterns
Ultrasky® Roof Lanterns
Ultraframe Livinroof® Replacement Roof
Ultraframe Livinroof® Replacement Roof
Smarts Aliver Skylight


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